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Chris Griffiths is the president of CCWC Inc. Ten years ago, he and his wife left the waterlogged state of Oregon and headed for the Big Sky country. Chris started cleaning windows while attending college so he wouldn't starve to death. Little did he realize that his aptitude for the job would sustain him in the future. After graduation, jobs in Criminology were in short supply and he realized something needed to give or once again he would starve to death. Chris started knocking on doors and began introducing himself. After his first few jobs, the amount of word of mouth referrals skyrocketed. Crystal Clear grew faster and bigger then he could have ever imagined. What was supposed to be a part time job while he waited for a job in Criminology has turned into a full fledged corporation with employees, offices and fully equipped trucks. The owner, an admitted perfectionist has cleaned windows in some of the finest homes in the country.

 During the long Montana winter months, Chris also makes custom furniture. He likes to use material that is natural and native to Montana. Check his work out at










                                  More importantly, the owner is one proud papa. 










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